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Robert E. DePersia, II is devoted to defending clients charged with traffic, DWI, or criminal violations. Mr. DePersia represents clients in all varieties of traffic and criminal-related proceedings before New Jersey’s civil and criminal courts. Whether the case involves speeding, drunk driving, or driving without insurance, preserving your license is crucial. Mr. DePersia protects the driving privileges of motorists, as well as the rights of other clients, in the Municipal and Superior Courts of Burlington, Camden and Gloucester Counties and the surrounding areas.

Municipal Court Violations

The following list includes common Municipal Court violations in New Jersey:

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Superior Court Violations

The following list includes common Superior Court violations in New Jersey:

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If you were charged with a traffic or criminal violation, Robert E. DePersia, II can help. For over 25 years, Robert has successfully challenged traffic and criminal violations, resulting in the dismissal of all charges in some cases. Because traffic and criminal violations can permanently affect your criminal history, insurance rates and driving record, they require your immediate attention. Contact Robert today for a free consultation at (856) 795-9688. Se Habla Espanol

Criminal Charges-Drugs

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