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Drug Offender Restraining Order

When you hear the term “restraining order,” chances are you will think of a situation involving stalking, assault, or another form of domestic violence. While restraining orders are common in such situations, New Jersey courts can also issue restraining orders stemming from drug charges or convictions. Most individuals facing a Drug Offender Restraining Order (DORO) were not aware that their travel may be limited due to a drug case until it was too late.

Specifically, a DORO is intended by the NJ legislature to prevent individuals facing drug cases from returning to locations in which they had manufactured, purchased, used, or sold a controlled dangerous substance (CDS). The purpose behind the law is to reduce drug activity in such locations. However, many law enforcement officers and prosecutors seek these restraining orders when it is unconstitutional to do so. For example, if a DORO is not specifically mentioned as part of a plea agreement, a prosecutor cannot later request the order at sentencing after an individual has pled guilty. In such a case, you should have a defense attorney on your side who can identify a violation of your rights and who can fight against the DORO.

You can Face New Penalties for Violating a DORO

Fighting against a drug-related restraining order is important for many reasons. First, if you were accused of selling drugs in the neighborhood of your family or friends, you may not be able to visit them. Additionally, if you violate the DORO, you may be arrested and may face new charges of violating a court order. Courts take violations of their orders extremely seriously and can hold you in criminal contempt, sentence you to jail time, and impose fines among other penalties. Allegations of violating a DORO require an experienced defense attorney who understands the law regarding this type of restraining order in NJ.

Consult with a New Jersey Drug Crime Defense Attorney as Soon as Possible

Drug offenses can have widespread consequences, including being banned from traveling to certain locations that may be a big part of your life. You may even be subject to some of these penalties before you are ever convicted of a drug crime. For this reason, it is imperative to immediately call a highly experienced criminal defense attorney who fully understands how to defend against drug charges and the variety of penalties including restraining orders. Please contact the Law Office of Robert E. DePersia, II for a consultation today.