Potential Drug Charges

Drug charges can come in a variety of surprising forms, and if you’re facing one, it’s probably not only confusing but also terrifying. Drug charges often carry stiff sentences that can include prison time. And many illicit drugs, including prescription drugs, are illegal at both the state and federal level. Marijuana laws are perhaps the most confusing of all: while some states have legalized both medical and recreational marijuana use, it remains illegal at the federal level and the laws vary considerably between states.

A Drug Paraphernalia Charge

A drug paraphernalia charge is a criminal charge involving the possession of items considered to be specific to the use or the distribution of drugs. It’s important to remember that the distinction between using drugs and distributing drugs can be crucial to your case.

A Drug Possession Charge

A drug possession charge is a felony charge that refers to those federal and state laws that render it a crime to willfully possess illegal controlled substances – including specific chemicals used in the making of certain drugs and specific accessories related to drug-use. Depending upon the state the charge is brought in and the class of drug involved, the particulars of a drug possession charge have a lot of room for variability.

A Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation Charge

Manufacturing and cultivating illegal drugs is a criminal act, and charges can be brought under both federal and state law. In some states, however, there are limited exceptions for the cultivation of marijuana. A Drug manufacturing charge is most often a felony charge that is brought against anyone who actively participates in any of the steps that make up the process of illicit drug production. These steps can include simply providing specific ingredients or specialized equipment for that production. A Cultivation of marijuana charge is also a felony charge, and it refers to participation in the cultivation of marijuana plants. Although some states have indeed legalized marijuana within specific parameters, Marijuana is in no way exempt from federal enforcement, and a great deal of uncertainty regarding its legal status remains.

A Drug Trafficking and Distribution Charge

A drug distribution or trafficking charge is a felony charge that can be far more serious than a simple charge of possession. Distribution/trafficking laws focus on the movement of illegal drugs (including prescription drugs) as it relates to their sale, transportation, and illegal import.

A Medical Marijuana Charge

Laws relating to medical marijuana remain extremely ambiguous because marijuana (medical and recreational) is illegal at the federal level. The laws are further confused by the fact that individual states continue to legalize marijuana for medical (and sometimes even recreational) use. Medical Marijuana charges remain in a state of flux but must not be ignored.

The laws relating to drug charges are, at best, highly complex and confusing. It is in your best interest to seek immediate legal guidance if you or someone you care about is facing any kind of drug charge.

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