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The First Step to a Fresh Start

There are several points in your life where you will be asked the question: “have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime.”  If you have a criminal record, it can be unnerving to hear those words. However, an expungement will allow you to legally answer “no” when asked this question.

New Jersey offers a fresh start for those with prior arrests or criminal records through a process called expungement. It is the process of isolation and removal of criminal related records, including arrests and convictions. Expunged records aren’t destroyed, but they will be segregated from background checks, so you will no longer have to suffer the consequences of your past.


Under New Jersey law, certain convictions cannot be expunged. Criminal homicide, DUI/DWI, kidnapping, and other serious crimes are ineligible.

There is no waiting period for arrests with no conviction and can be expunged immediately. Disorderly persons offenses require a waiting period of 5 years. Indictable offenses take the longest; in most circumstances the waiting period is 10 years.


There are always exceptions to the rules. In the State of New Jersey, expungements don’t apply for people applying for a job in a law enforcement agency or a judicial branch of government. Expunged records will be revealed for anyone who has expunged a previous conditional discharge.

Convictions, even from several years ago, can lead to loss of opportunities and reputation. Once an expungement is complete, all records of your past arrests and convictions will vanish from data banks used for background checks. Don’t let your past continue to hold you back. The Law Office of Robert E. DePersia, II can quickly process the paperwork needed for an expungement so you can get fresh start as soon as possible. Call me, Robert E. DePersia, today for a consultation. (856) 795-9688