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5 Reasons it May Be Time to Hire a Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a drug offense or any other type of crime, you may wonder whether you should try to handle your case on your own or hire a criminal defense lawyer. The following are only five of many reasons why hiring an attorney is a wise idea:

  1. A criminal defense attorney can protect your rights with law enforcement. If you have been arrested, police will often try to interrogate you to obtain a confession or more information regarding accomplices and other potential offenses. You have a right to an attorney during this interrogation and you should always invoke that right. Police can use many tactics to get you to say things against your own interest and a criminal defense lawyer can represent you in all communications to protect your interests.
  1. A lawyer can begin handling your criminal case immediately. In many drug cases, witness memories can fade and evidence can disappear quickly. The sooner your defense attorney begins gathering and/or preserving evidence to challenge the prosecutor’s case, the stronger your defense may be. For this reason, hiring an attorney should be one of the first steps you take following an arrest.
  1. An experienced drug defense attorney will understand NJ drug laws. New Jersey drug laws are complicated and the charges and penalties you face will depend on many factors including the type of drug involved, the amount of alleged drugs, the specific offense of which you are accused, and more. An attorney who thoroughly understands drug laws in NJ can identify whether your drug charges are wrongful or inappropriate for your situation.
  1. An attorney will represent you in court. Once drug charges are issued, your case will progress quickly and you will have to appear in court several times. Court hearings can be intimidating and confusing and an experienced criminal defense lawyer will represent you before a judge and in communications with prosecutors so that you will never feel alone or unsure in these situations. If you choose to go to trial to fight your drug charges, your attorney will represent you before the judge and jury.
  1. A skilled attorney can identify possible ways to defend against your drug charges. The possible legal defenses available in drug cases vary depending on the circumstances. Through evaluation and investigation, your attorney will be able to identify which defenses will apply in your case to either negotiate a plea deal, have your case dismissed, or to defend you at trial.

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In short, hiring an attorney to defend against criminal charges can significantly help you and the outcome of your case in many different ways. If you have been arrested, do not delay in calling the Law Office of Robert E. DePersia, II at 856-795-9688 for a free consultation today.