Steps to Expunge Your Record

People make mistakes. Fortunately, New Jersey recognizes this fact, and allows certain individuals to expunge their criminal records under certain circumstances. Expungement can improve your life in many ways, as the existence of a criminal record can make it difficult to get a job, rent an apartment, and hurt your reputation within your community. If your record is expunged, you may legally deny the existence of a criminal record in almost every circumstance. Here are some of the steps involved with getting a criminal record expunged.

  • Find Your Records – The first step involved with getting a criminal record expunged involves tracking down your records, as you will need certain information in order to file for expungement. The best place to start is the Superior Court Criminal Case Management Office in the County in which you were arrested or convicted.
  • Complete Paperwork – You must file a Petition for Expungement in the county in which your case took place, an Order for a Hearing in order to schedule your hearing, and an Expungement Order that will be signed by the judge if your petition is granted.
  • File and Serve the Forms – You must make three copies of the above documents and mail them to any parties that were involved in your case, including the prosecutor who handled your case and the law enforcement agency that arrested you.
  • Attend Your Hearing – If you are required to do so, you must attend your hearing and defend your case if any law enforcement officers object to your expungement.
  • Distribute the Finalized Expungement Order – If your petition is granted, you must distribute copies of the signed to various agencies and offices throughout the state.

If you think that this sounds confusing and that expunging your record seems like a significant investment of time, you are right – but do not be discouraged. Fortunately, an attorney can handle your entire expungement case on your behalf. In fact, our office will evaluate your expungement case and let you know whether we believe you are eligible at no cost to you!

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